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"We keep moving forward, exploring new technology, and providing our customers with the best home and business security, because we're determined to satisfy our customers the first time with our quality products so they can live worry free."

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Testimonials from our Valued Customers

By: Michelle H   

I just wanted to thank you guys for sending Police to protect my daughter. I purchased your system 2 years ago and last week when my 9 year old daughter was home alone during the day time. She saw a guy trying to break-in from our patio door. My daughter got scared and ran towards the keypad. She pressed the Police panic button on the keypad. Siren went off and intruder left without entering my house. ADT sent Police and Police arrived in 3 minutes. ADT also notified me at my work. I got home after 20 minutes and when I arrived at my home, I saw Police officer were waiting for me. I thank you so much for quickly sending Police to protect my daughter.

By: Mrs. Smith  

I recently switched from another Toronto Alarm Company to ADT through MHB Security because of an incident that happened to me. I had called Other Toronto Alarm Company to change my patio door sensor when it had stopped working. They did not come to fix it. In the meantime a robber had burglarized my home from that same patio door that was not protected! This was ridiculous, I had to call the other Toronto Alarm Company again and they wanted to come after 6 days to fix it and on top of that charge me for it. I was willing to pay for faster service but they could not provide me peace of mind until after 6 days. I decided I had to go with a better company with better and faster services, so I chose MHB Security. I got my system professionally designed by one of their security consultants and installed the very next day. Now I feel much more safe and secure with a company that represents the best name in security systems. My home is monitored by ADT...the same company that monitors my bank!

By: Larry R  

My house was broken into a couple of weeks ago, and like others, that's when I decided that I needed a home security system. I called Other Toronto Alarm Company but unfortunately they wanted me to sign up without even sending anyone over to show me exactly the type of equipment I was getting. I also thought about ADT corporate and called them. A sales rep came and I was able to get a lot of information, but he was charging me for the installation and I knew, ADT dealers offer free installation so I called MHB Security at 1-888-808-9642, they are local ADT authorized dealership with over 15 locations in Ontario. The security manager was really helpful and so knowledgeable. He really knew what he was talking about. I mean experience spoke through that person, I saved lot of money, I just wanted to say thanks to MHB Security for sending someone who actually knew what he was talking about and helped protect my home and family. I highly recommend MHB Security for ADT system.

By: Singh M  

I had a system with another company for a couple of years. I was so appauled by the service after suffering with them for 3 years. It took them forever to come out just to fix my non-working door contact. Half of the time, their system never worked. I was also getting my kitchen remodeled and the contractor was able to disarm the other company's system just by pressing the redial button on my phone. This is when I decided to change my security provider and I phoned MHB Security, for my ADT system. Their Sales Consultant and installer were very professional. I would highly recommend MHB Security for an ADT system because through them you can save a lot of money and get the same ADT protection. Great work MHB Security.

By: Chopra S  

By far, MHB Security is the only company that I met with, whose security consultant knew everything in so much detail...I was astounded. He designed the best security system for my family, which was my main concern. I also was also able to get a free motion sensor because my house was prewired and in a new development area. Thanks to the gentleman from me and my family

By: Prem W  

I was referred to MHB Security for an ADT system, MHB's Security Manager arrived to asses the situation, came up with an affordable plan for me. I signed an agreement, and the next day a technician arrived and installed the alarm. He then made sure I understood how to arm and disarm the system. I was also given easy to follow step-by-step instructions. They do want to make sure you understand the system.

By: Kate D  

I have had a ADT system through MHB Security for over 10 years and have had several upgrades as technology gets smarter because I love the newer look of keypads etc..... Through-out this time period I have been very pleased with the reliability of my home security system for ADT. If a issue did ever a rise ADT took care of it in a timely and not costly fashion. Thanks for protecting my Family and assets for so many years. Keep up the great job you do as well in help protecting our nation.

By: Nadia K  

Great company, good service. I am glad, I chose MHB for my ADT monitored system. I feel secure in my home. Keep up the good work! Thanks MHB."

SAVED $1,650
By: Diana G  

I just got my system installed today. The Sales Professional that came to my house, was very professional, I signed up with him on the appointment day and saved $1,650. He designed the perfect system for my family. Installer was very professional too. I will definitely recommend MHB for an ADT monitored system.

By: Ingrid B  

Hi all. Just wanted to let it be known out there that MHB Security gives $100 as a referral reward per installed system. I provided them with 3 referrals and I received $300 in total from MHB Security once my referrals had their security system installed. The guy who booked my appointment, Jay, was polite and helpful in making me understand exactly what I would be getting in the security system package. I'm glad I picked MHB Security..,the $300 don't hurt either! 🙂

By: Paul M  

I had my security system installed by MHB Security 2 years ago. Just last month I had a problem with my motion sensor. I was quickly able to get a hold of a customer service rep at MHB to come fix the problem. An Installer was sent the very next day to check the motion sensor and was able to diagnose the problem. After a couple of minutes everything was back to normal. Thanks MHB for providing such quick service.

By: Mrs. Patel  

I just had my ADT security system installed by MHB Security and the installers did such a great job. I was very happy with the sales person, Hamid Baig, who created a customized solution for my home. Thanks a lot! I bly recommend MHB Security if you are looking for a security system. The also have a referral program so you can get $100 for every person that comes through you and signs up as a new customer. Great job MHB Security!

By: Jackie X  

We are very satisfied with MHB Security. The staff was very helpful and the installation was done very professionally. I highly recommend MHB Security to those who are looking for a great alarm system with the most reputable name in the industry, ADT.

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